Leila Composite shoot

I got out of the habit of jumping out here and adding updates. So here is a new update 🙂

This year I decided to start doing more composites then I have in the past. So the last shoot I did with Leila we worked on getting awesome shots specifically for compositing and specifically for a certain background and feel.

I lit Leila in the studio similar to how the lighting might fall in the background image I was going to place her on. I also painstakingly figured out the height and angle the background was shot at and set my camera up at the same angle and height to ensure she blended as closely as possible.

Canon 7D : 50mm1.2L @ 1/125  F11 ISO 100

AB800 strobes with 10×36″ strips and gridded on each side.

430exii speedlight behind for back lighting.



After I got her cut out and placed on the background, it looked off with the original position so I flipped her horizontally and shifted around until it looked right. Then I began blending her into the scene.

The background I used in the image I created from 2 separate backgrounds.

The 2 background pieces :

Industrial interior of a vehicle repair station

Industrial interior of an old factory building








Many Photoshop layers later, the final image :



If you look under the composite section of the website, you will see the other composite I have done from this shoot as well.