My day job is being an IT geek, photography is something I do just for the fun and love of it on the side.

Creating beauty and art in a single frame is my approach anytime I am behind the camera.

I started shooting (35mm Film) when I was in the Navy 1994-1998 and overseas alot, but for some reason or another it never quite took until recently.

I began shooting seriously again over the past 6 years. For 5 years I have focused my energy on Fashion/Glamour/Portrait photography, an area of photography that I truly love the most and have found that I have a natural talent for.

I have spent hours and hours teaching myself to continually become a better photographer as well as adding advanced studio lighting and Photoshop techniques to my arsenal for compositing and beauty retouching.

I have been published numerous times, including in magazines that were US/Canada National and statewide mailers. I run a Fashion / Glamour photography magazine and am also an official photographer for Delicious Dolls magazine.

I operate out of my own home studio located in Cypress, Texas.



My Philosophy

Don’t worry about what others are doing, it’s not a competition. Do your thing the best that you can, makes you happy and feeds your creative animal. Sometimes ignoring ‘trends’ is the best thing you can do, to truly create and not duplicate.